K-Force project dissemination at BRIGAID workshop in Tirana, Albania

The National Territorial Planning Agency in Albania since 2016 is a partner in BRIGAID (Bridging the Gap for Innovations in Disaster Resilience) project, part of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission. The purpose of the BRIGAID project is to absorb innovative ideas on 3 major components of climate change such as floods, droughts and extreme weather.

Through their common field, BRIGAID team and K-Force team from Albania have been collaborating since the beginning of the lifetime of both projects, by sharing ideas, participating in respective project events, and finally by involving participants in the BRIGAID Project in teaching in the new master program developed at the University of Tirana in the framework of K-Force project. This initiative has been strongly supported by the coordinators of both projects, Delft University (for BRIGAID project) and University of Novi Sad (for K-Force project). Moreover, during the workshop of BRIGAID project on March 2018, Dr. Elona Pojani from the University of Tirana and Prof.Asoc.Dr. Miriam Ndini from Epoka University have held presentations in order to inform all participants about the objectives and expected outputs of K-Force project. The incentive of developing new master programs in the field of DRM in Albania was strongly applauded by participants who were in the same time possible stakeholders of K-Force project.

Joint future initiatives and collaborations have been discussed also between the teams of both projects.

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