KForce Management structure


All project partners actively participate in all activities, but their role and workload in specific Work Packages (WPs) differ. The expertise and capacity of every partner is matched with their contribution to the project outcomes, including the distribution of management tasks.
Western Balkans (WB) HEI partners have more work and will lead the implementation WPs, dissemination and overall management. EU HEIs will lead the preparation WPs, WP7 (Quality) and Steering Committee. These leaderships will be done via Chairs of Work Groups (WGs), underpinned by WG Co-Chairs and Steering Committee members assigned to monitor each WG.
Non-HEI partners and associated partners will have significant role in managing tasks providing advice and guidance to WGs, according to their specific expertise.



K-FORCE Consortium, consisting of the contact persons of all partners, provides strategic project management and monitors the overall progress. On the Kick-off meeting, it will adopt the document on management procedures, with an emphasis on modifications of task distribution and conflict resolution.

The Consortium will form the 11-strong Steering Committee, led by P8 with members from HEIs.

WB K-FORCE Board, a sub-body of K-FORCE Consortium, will be formed from contact persons of partners from WB countries – Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and FYROM. The WB Board will primarily deal with harmonization of curricula in light of national needs and peculiarities in accreditation process. It will also perform operative decision-making on issues not so relevant to PR partners. WB K-FORCE Board will meet in person every six months or more frequently if needed.

The project is split into 9 WPs, which will be managed by 9 Work Groups, each consisting of at least one representative from every partner. The leadership of WGS is planned as follows:

WG1 (PREP): Chair P7, Co-chair P3, SCM-P1
WG2 (PREP): Chair P9, Co-chair P1, SCM-P10
WG3 (DEV): Chair P8, Co-chair P10, SCM-P6
WG4 (DEV): Chair P3, Co-chair P5, SCM-P7
WG5 (DEV): Chair P1, Co-chair P8, SCM-P9
WG6 (IMP): Chair P10, Co-chair P2, SCM-P8
WG7 (QPLN): Chair P11, Co-chair P9, SCM-P5
WG8 (DISS):  Chair P5, Co-chairs P12, P13, P14, SCM-P4
WG9 (MNGT): Chair P1, Co-chair P7, SCM-P11

As WPs consist of several activities, WG Chairs and Co-Chairs will appoint an Activity Leader for each activity. Each partner will regularly prepare a WG and/or activity progress report regarding work done on the WP/activity to its WG Chair and/or Activity Leader.
WG Chairs will consolidate the above progress reports and produce summary reports to the Project Coordinator on 3-month basis. In case of delays, WG Chairs will alert the Coordinator and seek guidance on the best course of action. In case of serious problems, they will inform the WB Board or the K-FORCE Consortium.

Finally, P1 will form the Project Management Team (PMT), which will include management, legal, administrative, financial and technical staff, from both University and Faculty structures. PMT will provide continuous project management.