Wider objective:

To improve regional resilience to hazards and capability for regional cooperation in risk prevention and response and to ensure national professional resources and regional capacities in order to build regional-based disaster preparedness and a culture of safety and resilience at all levels according to EU Integration Strategies and National relevant strategies.


Specific project objectives:

SO1. Modernization of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering master study programme and development and implementation of new Master programmes/modules in WBC partners HEIs, according to regional needs and contemporary EU trends.

SO2. Development and implementation of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering Doctoral study programme in accordance to available resources, regional needs and European partners' expertize, in aim to ensure regional capacities and sustainable education and research in the field.

SO3. Continuous professional development of employees in DRM&FSE sector in WBC through creation and implementation of certified LLL courses for practitioners.

SO4. To improve cooperation between project partners in order to modernize teaching and training process on novel technical and technological solutions, exploiting the ICT application.