Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Protection and Rescue Sector, Sector for International Cooperation and European Integrations

Public body, national level, Protection and Rescue;

Sectors are in charge of:

  • Implementation of international obligations and cooperation in the implementation of civil  protection;
  • Coordinating the activities of the Entity of civil defense services in BiH and harmonization of their plans in the case of natural or other disasters afflicting BiH,
  • Adoption of programs and plans for protection and rescue
  • Operational Communication Center-112




Union of chambers of commerce and industry of Albania

Non-governmental, non–profit Association;

Member of:

  • ABC (Association of Balkan Chambers)
  • CECCI (Central European Chambers of Commerce Initiative)
  • Euro-Med TDS (Trade, Distribution and Services Mediterranean Initiative)

Union of Chambers cooperates with foreign organisation:

  • ICE (Italian Foreign trade Institute),
  • Euro Chambers USAID, U
  • NDP (United Nations Development Programs),
  • Program PHARE